The frequencies are housed in a virtual library. With up to 100,000 substances, just about everything on the planet is represented. The library isn’t a list of allergens, foods, or inhalants. The library is a list of substances that can cause a reaction in the human body including components of the human body itself.

Because every individual is unique, it’s important to be able to assess as broad a list of substances as possible to determine what the individual may show sensitivity toward. Neurological stress reduction therapy does not identify an allergy or any item with a specific label, neurological stress assessment is looking for any substance that may cause stress or trigger an autonomic nervous system mediated response in a specific individual.

ANS mediated responses are often times the underlying trigger for just about anything that a person would seek professional care for. While we don’t recommend any person discontinue traditional care, many doctors are surprised to learn that NSRT can help relieve even musculoskeletal discomfort.

NSRT provides you with the highest degree of assessment specificity available.

Frequency Library Composition Chart
Frequency Library Composition Chart

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