Frequencies are perhaps the most important component of the science behind our technology. The substance specific frequencies converted to a digital format and then presented in the form of light and sound are what allow for patient assessment and therapy down to the molecular level. The frequencies are what make it possible to assess thousands of substance sensitivities in mere minutes. The disparity between our substance library and the lists available through any other therapy, holistic or traditional is exponential.

In most cases, other therapies have several dozen substances that are testable. Some holistic therapies purport to allow for assessment of a thousand or so substances. In any scenario, the alternative lists are either woefully inadequate or far too time consuming to be effective. Imagine RAST or Skin Prick Testing for 100,000 substances.

When first learning about frequencies, most doctors have one question: How do you capture the frequency of a substance?

There are a few methods that include the use of an oscilloscope, the use of devices that measure vibrations of photons before and after bombarding a substance and the use of mathematical formulas or algorithms that measure the changes in known vibration patterns when in contact with the substance to extract a frequency.

Whatever method is chosen, the value of frequencies as a stimulus in the practice of healthcare is a relatively new concept, but there is already a strong track record of performance that clearly demonstrates their value.

Studies have been performed and published that compare this technology against traditional diagnostic and therapeutic methods. Many doctors are astounded to see just how favorably this relatively new and exciting technology compares with traditional diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

Please refer to our section containing case studies and white papers for more information.

Frequency Benefits Chart


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