Acupuncture Alleviates Depression During Pregnancy

Acupuncture has been getting more mainstream acceptance within the medical community as more and more studies show it’s efficacy in alleviating symptoms. In fact, the study, “Acupuncture for Depression During Pregnancy: A Randomized Controlled Trial” in the March issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology shows acupuncture as a successful alternative to antidepressants for pregnant women.

Food Allergies and Autism

The following article, “Parents Explore Diet and Autism” was reported by The Houston Chronicle regarding food sensitivities and allergies to foods containing Gluten and Casein as they relate to Autism.

US Military Utilizes Holistic Healing Methods

Holistic Healing is becoming more mainstream as evidenced by the United States Military’s acceptance of holistic healing methods such as acupuncture, manual therapy, relaxation techniques and an overall holistic approach to physical and emotional well being. The following article, “Holistic Healing Gaining Ground in Military” was reported in The Fort Leavenworth Lamp Online by Sgt. Lindsey Bradford:

Study Shows Acupuncture Effective in Treating Pain

A new study published in BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology looks at the use of acupuncture to treat period pains. They conclude that there is convincing evidence that acupuncture is effective in reducing pain.

Dr. Andrea Dobrich at BioVeda of Charlotte Comments on Study Showing Hepatitis B Vaccine Triples Risk of Autism

Dr. Andrea Dobrich, D.C. discusses a study showing the Hepatitis B vaccine more than triples the risk of developing Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in her BioVeda of Harrisburg, NC blog:

Allergy Support Group Meets at BioVeda of Tyler, TX to Discuss Stress Therapy

Children suffering from peanut allergies or other sensitivities that result in anaphylaxis present serious challenges for their parents. In many cases parents have few alternatives for caring for their allergic children. One example is the need for home schooling to ensure that these highly allergic children avoid exposure to peanuts and other known allergens. Anaphylactic reactions can be life threatening and accidental exposure could result in death.

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