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German New Medicine and the 5 Biological Laws

German New Medicine and the 5 Biological Laws by Dr. Hamer indicates that many of our health problems are caused by a physical, chemical or emotional trauma to our autonomic nervous system.

Nutritional Protection: Free Radicals and Aging (Part 3 of 3)

The following is the third and final piece of a three part series that comprises a white paper report on Nutritional Protection Against Excitotoxins.  In this series we explore the importance of nutrition in protecting the body and brain from harmful toxins and free radicals.  To read the complete report on Nutritional Protection, click to [...]

Practitioner Wellness Advice Column: Headaches, Allergies, and Healing

What causes headaches? – by Dr. Jean Gibson, BioVeda of Fayetteville, AR Headaches can be caused by several different things.  Some of these causes are sinus problems, eye problems, vascular irregularities, allergies, chemical sensitivities or hypoglycemia. The most common cause of headaches is cervico-genic in origin – meaning it originates in the cervical spine (your [...]

Preparing for Flu Season, Naturally

One great way to help keep your immune system healthy and reduce your susceptibility to the flu virus is to supplement with Vitamin D3. Vitamin D is produced in the body during exposure to sunlight. During the winter we tend to get less exposure so vitamin D supplements are recommended. People who take vitamin D supplements have better luck avoiding the seasonal flu.

Safety of Pharmaceutical Stop Smoking Aid Chantix in Question

A report, “Thoughts and Acts of Aggression/Violence Toward Others Reported in Association with Varenicline” in the Annals of Pharmacotherapy, by Thomas J Moore, Joseph Glenmullen, MD, and Curt D Furberg MD, documents startling evidence showing that Chantix (Varenicline) triggers sudden, unprovoked homicidal behavior in people who were not previously violent. “We believe this may be [...]

Back Pain: Incidence, Causes, and Treatment

Although chiropractors care for more than just back pain, many patients visit chiropractors looking for relief from this pervasive condition. In fact, 31 million Americans experience low back pain at any given time.

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