CFS or Chronic fatigue syndrome, migraines and headaches are the most difficult of conditions to live with and are heavily influenced by stress. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is related to an imbalance in the normal interactions among the various systems of the body that work together to manage stress. Migraine and headache sufferers tend to have more sensitive nervous systems. The extreme sensitivity causes even small elevations in stress levels to trigger migraine headaches or make migraines more severe.

Our devices and technology do not diagnose migraines, headaches or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome nor do they treat these specific conditions. Research however, shows that stress and food reactions are likely the first and second leading causes of migraines respectively. Because our technology and devices will reduce stress generally, patients have reported reduction or elimination of symptoms related to these conditions.

Through positive conditioning or neurological relaxation training of the autonomic nervous system, stressful reactions that occur when exposed to specific inhalants or foods found in our frequency library can be relieved. Our technology is not concerned with migraines, just the stress that researchers believe trigger the migraines. Symptomatic relief experienced by patients is a result of stress reduction.

Chronic fatigue is a condition we know little about. There are several theories regarding the cause, most seem to include the interaction of infections, allergies and stress which result in a deficiency in chemicals that store energy in cells. Regardless of the exact cause, the patient with chronic fatigue is treated no differently than a patient with migraines, or a patient with no condition at all who is just looking for increased wellness. Conditions don’t matter, they are merely labels.

What matters is that we can help people that suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome identify what substances cause additional stress on their body’s. This technology can provide them therapy that can reduce their overall stress and stressful reactions to specific substances. This solution may then in turn provide symptomatic relief by eliminating the potential triggers for the condition.


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