Neurological stress reduction therapy is often times is coined an allergy treatment or allergy device because it directly assesses the body’s reaction to specific substances while providing a therapeutic solution. Our devices however are not allergy machines and our assessment protocol does not indicate whether a stressor is an allergy, sensitivity or anything else beyond whether or not stress increases in a statistically significant manner above the body’s baseline stress level measurement.

There is however a direct correlation between stress and allergy symptoms and understanding how they are related is an important part of utilizing our therapy to its full potential.

Recent research shows  that general stress can cause symptoms of allergic reactions to be twice as severe.  Histamine production is significantly greater when the individual is under stress.  Reducing stress significantly reduces the expression of allergy symptoms and the presentation of positive stimulation via substance specific light therapy can modulate the stress response.

The answer is that allergies and specifically allergy symptoms can be alleviated by reducing stress. Our technology was designed to reduce stress and in that scope can provide a benefit to patients suffering from allergy symptoms.

The frequency library within the BAX-3000 as an example, includes substances that are capable of causing allergic reactions during real world exposure, along with substances that cannot cause allergic reactions. The reality is that talking about NSRT as a solution for allergies would be limiting the overall patient benefit that can be realized because the technology provides health and wellness benefits that go well beyond allergy treatment.

The system displaying a stress response to a substance that is a common known allergen does not mean the patient is allergic. The only association that can be made is that the known allergen causes stress on the individual’s nervous system. Being able to accurately identify the stressor and being able to reduce or eliminate the corresponding ANS mediated response will have a tremendous impact on the individuals overall health.


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