Patients learning about our technology for the first time inevitably want to discuss what specific symptoms and conditions our devices treat. The traditional medical community seems to need to put a label on just about everything.

The answer is, our devices and technology including the BAX 3000 and BioVeda MG do not diagnose conditions. Our assessment protocols are designed to indicate which substances through exposure create a stress spike correlated to the nervous system.

A spike in stress can trigger numerous types of reactions or symptomatic expressions that stem from ANS mediated responses which can be associated with a long list of medically defined conditions. Our doctors and our patients however aren’t concerned with labels.

At BioVeda Health and Wellness Centers, we focus on stress and how substance specific frequencies affect stress levels. Discussing our devices and technology as a “cure” or even a treatment for any condition beyond stress reduction is something that would be misleading and something we refrain from.

While patients will report allergy symptoms being alleviated or eliminated following NSRT (Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy), that occurrences of migraines have been reduced or that chronic eczema has cleared up, it is not because we are treating those conditions. We are merely identifying substances that cause stress and conditioning the body to react normally or neutrally during real world exposure. Any improvement to these conditions is a result of stress reduction and relief.

Our technology has been life changing for a countless number of patients but it isn’t magic and it has limitations. Our goal is to introduce patients to the benefits of NSRT and educate them on how stress triggers a myriad of chronic and acute conditions that we all live with daily. Thanks to NSRT, maybe we won’t have to much longer.


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