BioVeda Health and Wellness Centers offer the latest techniques in holistic and complementary medicine through our national network of practitioners. Our practices are rooted in eastern philosophy and have been refined over thousands of years by incorporating the best of modern western technology. Did you know that the United States ranks 38th in overall life expectancy? Do you ever wonder why countries such as Japan, China, Australia and numerous European Nations have populations that typically live longer and healthier lives than Americans?

BioVeda Health and Wellness Centers believe that the body has natural healing properties. Over the years, our society has become overly dependent on pharmaceuticals and drugs – now people can rediscover the power of the bodies. We focus on removing the interference that inhibits normal body function ultimately leading to symptoms and disease that impact both the quality and duration of one’s life.

BioVeda Health and Wellness Centers were established to help people learn about and experience the benefits of chiropractic, holistic and complementary alternative medicine (CAM), which includes homeopathic medications, nutrition, herbal and homeopathic supplements, acupuncture, biofeedback and Neurological Stress Reduction TherapySM(NSRT). NSRTSM is proprietary and unique to our clinics and network of providers and is used in a protocol that helps to balance your body and control pain and inflammation.

Utilizing the combination of these complementary approaches, we provide holistic care to relieve unnecessary pain and suffering. We hear it all the time. People come in complaining that they have tried everything, spent exorbitant amounts of money and nothing has worked.


If you’re tired of suffering needlessly from runny noses, general lethargy and fatigue, headache and migraine pain, sinus pressure, wheezing, coughing, sneezing, digestive discomfort, musculoskeletal pain, joint pain, unsightly skin irritations and just feel plain bad, then pick up the phone and call us or email today. Our office specializes in therapy that is painless, non-invasive and requires no medications. Find out why over 49% of all Americans have used some form of alternative medicine in the past 12 months.

To Find the BioVeda Health and Wellness Center closest to you please call 877-229-3000Click Here to Contact Us  or use our doctor locater to find a practitioner in your area.


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