The BioVeda Foundation offers hope for millions of people suffering from chronic and acute conditions such as food allergies, sinus allergies, seasonal allergies, migraines, headaches, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Eczema, Rosacea, chronic skin conditions, asthma, respiratory conditions, and childhood neurological disorders including ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Austim or Asperger’s Syndrome.  The BioVeda Foundation was created with a particularly strong focus on assisting underprivileged children. Through its association with BioVeda Health and Wellness Centers, The BioVeda Foundation is committed to making the latest in alternative medical technology including the BAX 3000 and BioVeda BMG accessible to all families in need.

The BioVeda Foundation was created specifically to assist families seeking alternative and complimentary therapies like the BAX 3000, but does not exclude those patients seeking alternative therapies only as an adjunct to traditional medical treatments.

Our grants are designed to:

  • Assist the families of underprivileged children to pay for care
  • Maintain a family-focused approach by assisting with travel expenses for parents (or other primary care-givers), siblings and grandparents with the goal of keeping families together during lengthy treatment periods
  • Provide funds needed to cover household bills insuring that receiving care does not endanger the family financially when extended absences by working parents are necessary
  • Enable families’ access to therapy for free or at a reduced fee

The BioVeda Foundation Works directly with families to determine areas of largest need, and pays third party providers directly. The BioVeda Foundation relies on donations from the public to provide grants.


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