The BioVeda FoundationThe BioVeda Foundation was founded by the principles and officers of BioVeda Technologies, LLC.  BioVeda Technologies develops medical devices used in preventative, alternative and holistic healthcare.   The devices are completely non-invasive, painless and require no drugs or nutritional supplements within the theraputic protocols.

In an effort to ease the strain many families feel when faced with the high cost of healthcare, and guided by the company’s passion to further the holistic medical community, the principles of BioVeda Technologies launched The BioVeda Foundation in May of 2008.

The BioVeda Foundation is a beacon of hope for families looking for an alternative to the pharmaceutical model of conventional medicine, but unable to shoulder the costs of care. The BioVeda Foundation, in conjunction with BioVeda Health and Wellness Centers, works to make therapy utilizing devices such as the BAX-3000 and BioVeda-BMG readily available to as many people in need as possible, regardless of their ability to pay.

Working directly with providers, The BioVeda Foundation attempts to avoid wasteful spending and maximize every dollar donated to it.

The BioVeda Foundation Board of Directors makes all decisions regarding grants and fund distributions.


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