Many of you may be interested in hearing patient testimonials and experiences with regard to BAX Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy. While we do not diagnose or treat any conditions, we know many of our patients experience symptomatic relief following BAX Therapy.

In fact, some of our patients are so pleased with the results, they’ve created their own websites to share their story and unique journey.  To view a list of these patient websites, please visit our Patient Blog page. We will continue to add new sites as we discover them. If you are aware of one that is not listed, please contact us and let us know or leave a comment below with a link.

View BAX Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy Patient Blogs Now!

*Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy does not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases or conditions.

**Any claims made by individual patients that are inferred, direct or implied, are those of the patients and not those of BioVeda Technologies, its doctors, or staff.

***All websites referenced were developed independently of BioVeda Technologies and BioVeda Health and Wellness Centers and none of the individuals that own or operate these independent websites have been paid or compensated in any form by BioVeda Health and Wellness Centers.

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